Reformer Pilates - Taking it to the next level

The first time I used a Pilates Reformer I was hooked! I walked out dripping sweat with jelly legs, a seriously worked core and full of the 'workout high' you get when you really smash a great session. 
Reformer Pilates helps you to work consistently on the eccentric movements of every exercise adding more focus to lengthening the muscle than in traditional resistance training, for a leaner, longer physique with strength gains quickly. Work on your core, balance your body, add stability and improve your posture.
It's also great if getting onto the floor for matwork pilates classes won't work for you and your body. 
Find out if Reformer Pilates is the next step in achieving your goals.
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Pilates Classes are all 40min but we crank up the intensity

so you feel every minute

Casual Class $20

Give it a try and see if Reformer Pilates is for you.

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At Barefoot Bodywork everything is provi

Hatha Yoga & Matwork Pilates

A movement practice can impact every part of life and sometimes it's the most simple way to give back to ourselves, increase our energy and vitality, process our thoughts, and exercise our physical body to gain strength and stability. 
My main style of Yoga is traditional Hatha with elements of Vinyasa Flow, Dynamic and Restorative. Yoga is much more than a movement practice, in fact the movement we do during Asana practice is for the purpose of focusing and centring the mind for mediation and moving towards enlightenment.  
Yoga can reach as far as you want into your everyday life. Yoga really is a lifestyle practice that unites the body with the mind, through the breath.
All classes are 40 minutes in length and suitable for all levels of experience and fitness. 
Yoga Nidra sessions (20 minutes) can be included in private classes.
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