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Essential Oils

My journey with Essential Oils started a long time ago when intuitively I knew that they could help myself and others to heal.
Life takes us on some strange paths sometimes and it can be challenging to have faith that we are exactly where we need to be and every single moment. This was me when I remembered so many of the things I intuitively knew so many years ago.
At first I was angry and regretful, how could I have wasted so much time when I could have been helping heal for so much longer.
It takes many deep breaths to release these feelings and be at peace that our path in always for our highest good.
I am now in the place I need to be (you must be too) to learn and share the incredible power of Essential Oils.
My essential oils of choice are pure, most are certified organic and affordable. Their quality is exceptional. you can be assured that this is the finest product for you, your family and friends.
Years of feeling the many symptoms of Autoimmune Thyroiditis including the psychological and physical, I finally felt as though I had some relief using oils while I was making the changes I needed to heal. 
Essential Oils have provided me immediate and long lasting natural relief from chronic headaches, neck pain, nausea, stress, anxiety......... the list really does go on. 
Contact me for more details and keep watch for more details about oils and their many uses. 


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