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Live with Purpose

Living with purpose is much more than just finding a good job and earning money. 
Its about speaking to the essence of who you are, forfiling your higher purpose and seeking out your true connection with your spirit. 

Resume Preparation $95

I can draft and prepare your resume and provide it for you in a PDF version ready to print or email directly to your new employer. 
Contact me to find out what information I need to get started.
A copy of a previous resume would be handy but not essential and I'll need a list of all of your previous positions, experience (including volunteer work) and any licences, courses and study you have done. 
It may also be appropriate to advise me of the type of position you are seeking as your resume can be focused on this goal. 

Website Set-up &/or Management

Websites can be used for business and also as a new way to share your resume or portfolio. 
Your Website Design initial fee of $295 includes your consult, initial design and a review. 
If you are happy with your site the 'Go Live' cost is around $245 per year which includes one basic domain and hosting costs.
From here I will transfer ownership of the site to you and provide you with training on how to make changes to your site and add content such as blogs. 
Sites with online stores and other needs may incur slightly higher fees depending on your needs and set-up time required.
If you would like me to manage your ongoing updates, uploads, blog posts and more, I charge $40 per hour. 
Contact me to discuss your website further so we can work out what will suit you best and I will provide you with a detailed quote.
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